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  • It was my pleasure to attend the official opening of the Edith Fox Life and Loss Centre on May 13,2004. There were many in attendance and all spoke of the great need for the Centre. The setting could not be more perfect for reflection on one's life - the sun's rays reflecting off the lake and the "Pig House" and garden - small, warm and thus comforting even to those in acute distress or grieving. As an educator and clinician, I'm always searching for new resources to share with others. While distance prevents me from actual referrals to the Centre, I believe that the Lambs for Children Program and Camp Star are innovative and viable resources as is the Bibliotherapy Club for adults. Too often therapy programs try to fit all into one mold. The Edith Fox Life and Loss Centre recognizes that each individual, child or adult, is unique and thus developed programs that meet such needs. I only wish the Centre would open a US branch!! Madeline E. Lambrecht, EdD, RN, CT Director, Division of Special Programs University of Delaware - Newark, DE, USA 2004-2005 President of The Association of Death Education & Counselling
    Madeline E. Lambrecht, EdD, RN, CTDirector, Division of Special Programs University of Delaware - Newark, DE, USA
  • The most difficult part of one's life journey is dealing with the death of someone significant in our lives. I now know that this portion of our life can be terribly, terribly lonely. Each person grieves in their own unique way. And yet, our sadness profoundly affects those close to us. I applaud the founders of the Edith Fox Life & Loss Centre. While death is devastating and demoralizing for adults, for children it has the potential to shadow their every future action. The services and support provided by this organization can literally be life-saving. I am proud to have them in my community.
    Ernie Parsons, MPP Prince Edward - Hastings
  • "The Edith Fox Life and Loss Centre, under the able direction of Kathleen Foster-Morgan, Clinical Psychotherapist provides an essential mental health service to people of all ages. Loss of a loved person is one of the most painful experiences one can have, and professional help in relation to the grieving process can be of immense psychological benefit in adapting to loss. Research has suggested that there are many ways to in which people both experience and mourn the loss of a loved one. The Edith Fox Centre is a place where each person's unique experience and response to loss is recognized and understood. For children, the loss of or separation from a parent or caregiver is usually the loss of their primary source of emotional security. The Lambs for Children program at the Centre offers children support, nurture and ways to continue in memory their most significant relationships."
    Dr Rosemary Hazelton, Ph.D.,Dipl. T.C.P.P.Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada